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Schedule a 30-minute consultation ​for the service(s) you ordered. This ​session is included in your order. ​During the consultation, we'll get to ​know your vision, explain our ​process, and answer any questions ​you have.

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Revisions & Delivery

You have up to 3 revisions for each ​service. Compile all edits from your ​team for each round of revisions. ​After the third revision, additional ​fees apply. Once finalized, your ​order will be delivered to your inbox ​in the appropriate format.

From Idea to Launch

Everything you need to turn your business idea into a reality:

  • 4-Hour Brainstorming Session: Collaborate with our experts to ​refine your business concept.
  • Business Plan: Detailed roadmap to guide your business ​strategy and growth.
  • LLC Creation & EIN: Professional setup of your LLC and ​Employer Identification Number.
  • Business Bank Account: Assistance with opening a busines​s bank account.
  • Logo, Email, & Website: Custom logo design and​ professional email address & website development.
  • Marketing​ Campaign: Tailored marketing strateg​ies to reach your target audience.
  • Social Media Marketing: ​Effective social media​ strategies to build your online presence.
  • Branding & Creativ​e Direction: Includes photos​hoot and commercial for a cohesive brand image.
  • Press R​elease: Crafting and distribution of a ​professional press release.
  • 10 Starter Blogs: High-quality conten​t to kick​start your blog.
  • Project Management Setup: Establish a foundati​on for successful business structure and operations.
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Establish or improve your online presence!

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St​andard Website

  • Landing Page
  • 5 Total Pages
  • 2​ Plugins
  • Wordpress​ Hosting
  • Wordpres​s Domain
  • SSL (s​ecurity)


In​termediate Website

  • Landing Page
  • 10 Total Pages
  • 4​ Plugins
  • Wordpress​ Hosting
  • Wordpres​s Domain
  • SSL (s​ecurity)


Ad​vanced Website

  • 3 Landing Pages
  • 10 Total Pages
  • 6​ Plugins
  • Wordpress ​Hosting
  • Wordpres​s Domain
  • SSL (​s​ecurity​)

Website Management

Up​keep & Maintenance

  • Wordpress Updates
  • Site Revisions
  • Minor Edits
  • 4 AI Blog Posts
  • Monthly Check-In
  • AMAG Interview

Leap Into Your Brand ​Identity

Lo​go Design

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Text-Based Logo Package

  • 4 Drafts: We provide four ​initial design concepts.
  • 3 Revisions: Fine-tune your ​chosen design with up to ​three revision rounds.
  • 1 Final Logo: Receive one ​polished, professional logo ​ready for use.

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Text & Image-Based Logo ​Package

  • 6 Drafts: Six initial design ​concepts combining text and ​imagery.
  • 3 Revisions: Refine your logo ​with up to three revision ​rounds.
  • 2 Final Logos: Get two final ​logo versions to enhance ​your brand identity.


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Fully Customized Image-Based ​Logo Package

  • 5 Drafts: Five unique and ​creative design concepts, ​including text logos.
  • 3 Revisions: Perfect your ​logo with up to three ​revision rounds.
  • 3 Final Logos: Receive ​three fully customized and ​finalized logos for versatile ​use.

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A ​graphic is worth 1000 words

Graphic ​Design


Flyer Design

Not just ANY flyer. One with an interrupting ​headline, an engaging sub-headline, educational ​components, and a compelling offer so irresistible ​prospects can’t deny! Includes 2 draft​s, 3 revision​s, ​and 1 final flye​r.

Brochures, Booklets & Presentations

Enhance your business communication with our ​professionally designed Brand Guidelines, Employee ​Onboarding, Investor Presentation, Sales ​Presentation, Customer Handbook or whatever your ​business needs.


Graphics Bundle

Elevate your brand with our comprehensive ​graphics bundle, designed to cover all your essential ​marketing needs: 1-Logo Design, 100-Business ​Cards, 1-Flyer Design, 1 two-fold Brochure, and 1 ​Presentation.

Social Media Marketing

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  • 20 Graphic​s

  • 5 Posts scheduled pe​r ​wee​k

  • Posts to Instagram ​and Faceboo​k

  • AI Generated Captions ​i​n your brand voic​e

  • 2,000 targeted ​potential customers


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Gold Gredient Background
  • 20 Graphics & 5 posts ​per week

  • Social interaction, ​follow ​and comment

  • Posts to Instagram and ​​Facebook

  • AI Generated Captions ​in ​your brand voice

  • 4,000 targeted ​potential customers


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Diamond Crystals
  • 20 Graphics & 5 posts ​per week

  • 1 reel per week

  • Social interaction ​Posts to Instagram, ​​Facebook and LinkedIn

  • AI Generated Captions ​in ​your brand voice

  • 8,000 targeted ​potential customers


Marketing Campaigns

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  • 1hr Brainstorm
  • Silver Logo Design
  • Flyer Design
  • Silver Website
  • Silver Social Media- ​1 month


Gold Gredient Background


  • 2hr Brainstorm
  • Gold Logo Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Gold Website
  • Gold Social Media- ​1 mo.




  • 3hr Brainstorm
  • 10 Blogs
  • Gr​aphics Bundle
  • Diamond Website
  • Diamond Social​ ​Media- 1 mo.


Branding & Creative Direction

Responsive Design  Website
Empty Photo Studio with Lighting Equipment

-- Cohesive Branding: Ensure your brand's visual consistency across all ​media.

-- Professional Expertise: Our photographer and videographer each ​have over 10 years of experience.

-- Edited Photos: Receive 7 professionally edited photos.

-- High-Quality Commercial: Get a 1-minute commercial, perfect for ​breaking down into social media content.

Photoshoot & Commercials

Brainstorm, Branding, & Content Creation

-- Brainstorming Session: Collaborate with our experts to refine your ​vision and generate creative ideas.

-- Brand Plan Presentation: Receive a detailed brand plan outlining ​strategies, visual identity, and key messaging.

-- Content Creation Schedule: We'll organize and manage a schedule ​for photo and video shoots, ensuring timely releases of high-quality ​content.

woman using laptop, woman reading blog online on computer at coffee shop.

Write On!

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Website Copy

Craft compelling and engaging website copy ​that captures your brand's essence and ​converts visitors into customers. Our expert ​writers will create clear, persuasive, and SEO-​friendly content tailored to your business ​goals, ensuring your website stands out and ​resonates with your target audience.


Boost your online presence with high-quality ​blog content that drives traffic and ​establishes your authority in your industry. ​Our professional writers will produce well-​researched, engaging, and SEO-optimized ​blogs that reflect your brand's voice and ​provide valuable insights to your readers.

Pr​ess Releases

Get the attention your business deserves ​with professionally written press releases. ​Our team will craft clear, concise, and ​impactful press releases that effectively ​communicate your news, attract media ​coverage, and enhance your brand's ​credibility. Ensure your announcements ​make a lasting impression.

Growth Marketing Specialty Services

With Anais Marketing's UX design and project ​management services, you can transform your ​business operations, enhance customer ​experiences, and achieve your growth objectives. ​Let us help you create a seamless and efficient path ​to success.

We specialize in crafting intuitive, engaging, and ​user-friendly (UX) designs that keep your customers ​coming back.

Our project management services are designed to ​streamline your processes, ensuring your projects ​are delivered on time, within scope, and on budget.

UX Design

One-Month Project on Adobe XD

  • User Research and Analysis: ​Understanding your audience’s ​needs and behaviors to create ​designs that resonate.
  • Wireframing and Prototyping: ​Developing clear, interactive ​blueprints of your website or app to ​visualize the user journey.
  • Responsive Design: Ensuring your ​digital platforms provide an optimal ​experience across all devices.
  • User Testing: Gathering feedback ​from real users to refine and ​improve your design for maximum ​impact.

Project Management

One-Month Project on Asana

  • Planning and Strategy: Developing ​comprehensive project plans that ​align with your business goals and ​objectives.
  • Resource Management: Allocating ​and managing resources effectively ​to maximize productivity and ​minimize costs.
  • Risk Management: Identifying ​potential risks and implementing ​strategies to mitigate them, ​ensuring smooth project execution.
  • Progress Tracking and Reporting: ​Monitoring project milestones and ​providing regular updates to keep ​you informed every step of the way.

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